Sail away on a Unique Events adventure

Call now and say dragon for 50% off your first getaway 703-986-0934Whether it’s Romance, Adventure or Escape, Unique Events will create the perfect Getaway for you

The Getaway Process

Step 1 – We create a profile of you and your loved ones

Step 2 – A budget for the Getaway is determined by YOU with our guidance

Step 3 – We plan your Getaway

Step 4 – We Deliver the plan
Soak in the adventure & romance of a Getaway, let your destination and activities be a SURPRISE!

Step 5 – Getaway and have fun!

Unique Events keeps a file of everything planned for your day. If you run into any problems or sudden change in plans, all you have to do is call us at 703-350-2999
We can contact any of the places where you have a reservation and cancel or make changes as needed and the establishment permits.

Base Getaway Plan Pricing

Plan A $99- One Full day of fun for up to 4 people

Plan B $199 - Two-Three days of fun for up to 4 people

Pricing is just for plans does not include cost of meals, entertainment, lodging, activities, etc.

Andrea Savitch, President

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Important Information about Unique Events